The retention pond down the street.

Today was a wonderful day to forgo the serenity of air conditioning and Amazon prime videos. The mild breeze, clear sky, and welcoming temperature outside convinced me that today was going to be a great day to record light.

Almost every work day, I drive past a retention pond and notice a gaggle of geese and a few ducks wandering about the area. Frequently, I watch them meander towards the adjacent road (which I use for the commute to work), but mostly watch them hanging out around the pond. The geese and ducks seem to have chosen this spot for permanent residence or simply didn't feel like migrating this year.

I have been ignoring my desire to explore this pond for a while, but with the weather being so cooperative, I finally capitulated and found myself packing my camera gear in the car. I have been wanting to hone my photography skills for a while, and this seemed like a great opportunity to do just that.

I came here looking for birds, but also happened to notice a few dragonflies hovering about the pond's edge. I was promptly reminded that my girlfriend gave me standing orders to take dragonfly pictures when the opportunity presents itself, and I had no problem acquiescing today. In particular, this dragonfly seemed to be watching me watching him. I spent a few more minutes watching him hover about, settle on a reed, then finally settle on this piece of wood:

After focusing so much attention on the dragonflies, my interest began to wane while the geese and ducks began to move about the pond. For some reason, the ducks seemed to have no interest in me, while the geese would eagerly follow my journey along the perimeter of the pond.

Although I have many pictures of geese from my first trip to the retention pond, I am lacking greatly in the area of decent duck shots. Next time, I will bring food for the geese and ducks. I'll end my first blog post with this picture.  It seems appropriate:

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